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Nice to see that Danbury Republicans have no regard for the law

Cross post from HatCityBLOG

Although they are told every campaign year that the property in the photo above is PUBLIC PROPERTY (corner of Barnum Rd. and Pembroke Road 37) and that placing campaign signs on public property is strictly prohibited, Danbury Republicans such as City Councilwoman Colleen Stanley (come on Colleen, you’re better than this), 2nd ward Councilmen Mike Halas and Charlie (I’m planning on moving out of the second ward the day after the election) Trombetta continue to disregard city law for their own political purposes.

…oh, and in case the Republicans claim that they can place the signs there because Mike Halas has a lease agreement with the city, HERE’S A COPY OF THE AGREEMENT…which is NOT a LEASE agreement but rather a LICENSE agreement signed between Corporation Counsel, Mayor Boughton and Mike Halas that CLEARLY states that the CITY OF DANBURY owns the land and that Halas is ONLY TO beautify the property!

I like Halas’ comment in his letter to the council when he requested the agreement (second page in the document)

This area would continuously be maintained by us and would meet any special regulations and guidelines the city of Danbury may have.

Well, it seems that the law doesn’t apply to those who kiss the dictator of Danbury’s the mayor’s ring.

…more later.

UPDATE: Apparently people in the neighborhood are quite upset over Halas’ ignoring city law. I wouldn’t recommend that you go down and rip the signs apart or confront Halas at his farm as things could escalate into a physical confrontation.

Instead be cool and forward your anger towards The Office of Neighborhood Services (UNIT) at 203.796.8026. Talk to Coordinator Shawn Stillman and demand that he take action by removing the political signs from public property TODAY! If needed, forward Stillman the link to this post which includes the copy of the license agreement approved by the mayor and Corporation Counsel.