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Stupid comment of the week

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Too funny!

State GOP committee member Virginia Landgrebe, of New Milford, said she would love to see Boughton make another gubernatorial run.


“Just look at what he’s [Mark Boughton] done for Danbury,” she commented. “The city was going downhill when he first took office, and he turned the city around….

Hmm…let me think about this.

Under which mayor’s watch did the following happen:

  • Streetscape of downtown Main Street
  • Beautification of Elmwood Park
  • Creation of the Patriot garage
  • The elimination of the “slab of concrete” and the drafting of the Ice Arena
  • Creation of the City Center Green
  • Western Ct Academy of International Studies
  • Approval for the second parking garage on Main Street

(I could go on and on but I think you get the point)

If you said Mark Boughton then YOU’RE WRONG. Although Danbury’s version of Napoleon Bonaparte likes to take credit for many of the things I mentioned, those items were done in the 1990s under Gene Eriquez…NOT Boughton.

Our current dishonest mayor can take credit for bonding the city into oblivion, building an over-the-top police station that’s STILL littered with problems (as well as the fact that it was built in a flood zone), creating the condo boom that responsible for an increase in strains on local services (i.e., overcrowding of schools), helping label Danbury as one of the most racist anti-immigrant city’s in the state (you’re welcomed East Haven), and running City Hall like a dictatorship…and all of this happened under the watch of an local media that’s nothing more than a shell of what it use to be.

Apparently Landgrebe’s laughable comment reinforces the opinion several people have of her teaching ability…just sayin’.