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Charles Trombetta watch in effect

Cross post from HatCityBLOG

“Hello Supreme Ruler Mark, it’s your buddy Chucky the pawn.

Since I won my election, can I get your blessing and complete the closing on my house and move out of the second ward?”

Word on the street is that fresh from his election win, 2nd ward councilman Charles Trombetta has his bags packed and is in the process of bolting from the second ward. Several people have alleged that Trombetta sold the house some time ago and intentionally put off the closing of his place until after the election for political purposes.

Why would he run for council in the second ward if he planned on moving in the first place? Well because it’s easier for Boughton to secure the seat for his purposes if Trombetta ran for office, won re-election, abruptly quit the council after his win, and place a new rubber-stamp pawn in the seat, as opposed to having Trombetta do the right thing and not run for re-election and risk losing the seat to the Democrats.

The over under in Trombetta announcing his exodus from the 2nd ward and being replaced by another Boughton kiss-ass is Christmas…trust me, take the under.

…politics over people my ass.