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Storm panel final report released

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Dixon: CT Post:

The governor’s Two Storm Panel adopted a list of 82 recommendations Monday morning aimed at preparing the state for the next big storm.
The top suggestion calls for “reasonable performance standards” for utility recovery and restoration.

The recommendations, in eight chapters, also call for revisions to state engineering standards to anticipate higher sea levels due to climate changes.

The report “strongly” recommends better communications between utility workers and management.
Also suggested: Better standards for backup power requirements and communication infrastructure.

Gov. Malloy released the following statement:

“We’ve been working on some ideas since the days immediately after Tropical Storm Irene, and we’ve been watching the work of the Two Storm Panel every step of the way,” said Governor Malloy. “During that time, we’ve been working to develop a set of proposals to address how the state, its municipalities, and its utilities can better respond in situations like the two we witnessed in August and October. These 82 recommendations are welcomed because they will help us make what we’ve been getting ready to propose an even better product.”


“We did many things right in the wake of these two storms, but when the margin of error is zero – like it was for these two storms – we have to do better,” said Governor Malloy. “In my time as Mayor of Stamford, we were constantly examining and updating our policies and procedures as they pertained to the preparedness of the City to aid and protect its residents in crisis situations. And that’s what we’ve been doing at the state level since I became Governor. I want to thank the Two Storm Panel for their hard work, and for helping us to ensure that the actions we take will have a meaningful impact on the safety of our residents.”

You can read the 82 recommendations from the panel below…will residents be willing to fork over the millions in cash necessary to address the recommendations?