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The dishonest anti-immigrant hypocrite strikes again

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Trust me, the mayor is not fooling the people who know the REAL Mark Boughton.

You gotta be kidding me! Here’s the dishonest one chiming in on East Haven Joseph Maturo’s idiotic regarding Latinos in his city

Republican Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said Maturo should dismantle and rebuild his police department.

“There seems to be a pervasive attitude, at least among some members of the department, and I would take it apart and start from scratch,” Boughton said. “Regarding the comments by the mayor, they were completely insensitive, totally inappropriate and just wrong. He has apologized, but one of your most-important jobs is understanding your constituency and listening to them.”

Understanding your constituency and listening to them?!? This comes from the same mayor who:

Boughton is a REAL piece of work…the only difference between him and the bonehead from East Haven is that Boughton’s not stupid enough let to spew his true feelings about the immigrant population to the press.