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Response to DaSilva sentencing proves that anti-immigrant racism is still alive in well in Danbury

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Glad to see that Tom Big(o)T Bennett and his ilk haven’t missed a beat…

The above moronic comment from Danbury’s finest is just a sample of the over-the-top racist comments that’s spreading like wildfire throughout the city in response to the sentencing of Danbury landlord Joe DaSilva for causing the death of Ecuadorian immigrant Luis Encalada Bueno.

Since word of DaSilva’s sentencing, the News-Times has been in overdrive scrubbing the vitriol from the xenophobes from their comments section

Lets just say thank goodness the paper severed ties with the Topix comment system

In response to the outlandish display of hate, the News-Times had this to say…

THUMBS DOWN to the insensitive and downright racist comments made in various forums — most notably in online comments — in response to the sentencing Wednesday of Danbury landlord Joseph DaSilva Jr., who has been sentenced to serve 18 months in prison for his role in the death of Ecuadorean immigrant Luis Encalada in November 2009. Encalada was found squatting on property owned by DaSilva, who physically threw the man down the stairs and inflicted fatal internal injuries. Justice is depicted as blindfolded, the judge told the courtroom at the sentencing, so that it is not swayed by wealth or standing — or lack of either.

I couldn’t agree more…


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