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Funny comment of the week

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Boughton and Cavo think you’re stupid

A almost spit up my coffee when I read this load of crap from Council President Joe Cavo regarding the “sale of 13 acres of land in order to take care of the mayor’s multi-million budget deficit”

The city asked for a 10 percent deposit by April 1 on the sale of 13 acres for $3 million. When it didn’t arrive, the city canceled that deal for non-performance, and put the property out to bid Wednesday with an April 25 deadline for bids.

“I don’t know if relief is the actual word,” said City Council President Joe Cavo. “It lets us out of that deal. It kind of puts that chapter behind us.”

Funny how “relived” Boughton’s “rubber stampers” are over the deal falling apart when it was Boughton and his ilk who rammed this sale of land down the throats of a skeptical public without allowing the council to have a full debate on the topic just last month.

Here’s what Boughton and the “relieved” Council President had to say about the land deal just a couple of weeks ago when some rather disturbing legal information regarding the developer surfaced.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton said the fact a person was sued does not exclude that person from doing business with the city, and he said many developers have been sued by their partners.

“All of these guys get dragged into court all the time. If the litmus test was never being sued, we couldn’t do business with anyone,” Boughton said.


“I don’t feel the city is in danger of anything. I have the attorneys available to me to do what they have to do to protect the city’s best interests,” said City Council Joe Cavo.

Cavo said this is not a situation where the city stands to lose anything. It is selling 13 acres of land. It will be paid for the land and that is that. If the developer fails or doesn’t build what he proposed, that’s on the developer.

The city didn’t stand to lose anything? Does the name Errichetti come to mind?

Boughton and the Republicans on the Council have egg of their faces and they are directly to blame for this fiasco due to their ill-advised plan to use a gimmick (selling of city owned land) to balance the budget, which will most likely result in the mayor ONCE AGAIN reaching into the fund balance in order to erase YET ANOTHER budget deficit before the end of the fiscal year (June 30).

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