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News-Times 12.21.2010

It looks like there has been another shotgun wedding at City Hall. The City Council had to hurry up and agree to let Union Savings Bank buy the old police station.
Why the hurry? It’s because Mark Boughton put the revenue from the sale of the building in the city’s (May 3, 2010) operating budget. The closing must take place before June 30, 2011.

He used to complain about his Democratic colleagues in the General Assembly using one-shot revenues to fill holes in the state budget.

Now he is doing the same thing.

Listen Mark, if you fill a hole in your operating budget with temporary dough, the hole magically reappears the next year and every year thereafter. Then you have a real problem.
You have to lay people off, throw collective bargaining out the window or sell some more assets.

Maybe the mayor will decide to sell off the Danbury municipal airport or even picturesque Tarrywile Mansion to balance the next city budget.

Residents should be up in arms about these fiscal gimmicks, but with such a large majority on the city council, Mark Boughton has his 15 rubber stamps and no opposing views are heard.

It’s great to keep taxes low for property owners in Danbury. I just hope everyone will enjoy the lower quality of life that comes with lower taxes, lower home prices and lower quality in our public schools.

Lynn Taborsak,
Democratic Town Committee chairwoman

Food for thought as we witness Boughton ONCE AGAIN dip into the city’s fund balance to erase YET ANOTHER failed attempt to use a one time gimmick (selling of city owned land) to balance his out of whack budget.

June 30th is around the corner…