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Jason Bartlett forms exploratory committee for State Senate

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Today, former State Rep. Jason Bartlett announced that he’s formed an exploratory committee for the 24th State Senate seat currently occupied by birther extremist Mike McLachlan.


Today, former State Representative Jason Bartlett launched his website and announced that he has created an exploratory committee to run for the State Senate in the 24th District.

In personalized letters to the four town committees of Danbury, Bethel, New Fairfield and Sherman, Bartlett asked for their support and cited his legislative record of accomplishment on issues such as education, healthcare and growing jobs for greater Danbury. Rep. Bartlett stated that he looked forward to sharing his vision for the future and contrasting his priorities with those of the extremist incumbent.

“I think the people of Danbury, Bethel, New Fairfield and Sherman deserve to have a Senator who will advocate for what’s right for our children, our community and our taxpayers to make a difference in the lives of working class people across the State of Connecticut.” A Danbury resident and former Bethel businessman, Bartlett looks forward to meeting voters outside of his former district and reintroduce himself to those he had the opportunity to represent. “I will use this exploratory period to reacquaint myself with the issues and meet the residents of New Fairfield and Sherman before making a final decision on whether to run,” Bartlett said. “But, it is clear so far from talking to people throughout the district that they feel the current incumbent is an radical who has used his time in office to advocate for issues outside the mainstream of the 24th State Senate District, especially in the State’s greatest time of need.”