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Dishonest comment of the week

Cross post from My Left Nutmeg

I know it’s Thursday but I’m certain nothing can beat this laughable comment.

The only person in this campaign who has been ducking the press is Chris Murphy.

-Linda McSham campaign spokesman Todd Abrajano

Pot meet kettle…

Linda McMahon campaigned with Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska over the weekend, holding up the two moderate Republican senators as her role models for their willingness to defy a conservative GOP leadership.

Does that mean McMahon would have joined them supporting the Lilly Ledbetter pay-equity law? Or stood with them in opposing a bill to define a fetus as an unborn child? Would she have confirmed Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court?

McMahon wouldn’t say in an interview, and her campaign declined a request by The Mirror to say how she would have voted on a key issues index published in the 2012 and 2010 editions of “The Almanac of American Politics.”


Abrajano called an effort to compare McMahon’s positions with Murphy’s record on votes going back six years “a senseless exercise that will not move this country forward and does nothing to solve the economic mess we’re in today.”

…then there’s this…

Well, we tried. Throughout this entire campaign season, dogged producer Tucker Ives has been trying to schedule Republican senate candidate Linda McMahon for our series on Where We Live called “Where We Vote.” We ask for one hour of the candidate’s time, in our studio, to answer questions from me and our listeners. We’d wanted to have her on during the primary against Chris Shays. Shays came on the show, she didn’t.

For weeks since then, we’ve tried again and again, and had our phone calls unreturned, and requests for dates unanswered. It’s a bit ironic, given the press release I got on September 19 with the heading “Will Murphy continue to stonewall and duck media questions for another 48 days?”

…and this.

We have to wonder if Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon is being well-advised. In a statement issued earlier this week, her campaign manager said Ms. McMahon will not meet with newspaper editorial boards before the August GOP primary.


Ms. McMahon, the former chief executive officer of WWE, is certainly not obligated to appear before editorial boards. She attends public events that are open to the media. But in refusing to do so, she risks giving the impression that she can’t handle questions that probe her positions and must be kept on a scripted message, or that she feels she has the primary in the bag and doesn’t want to risk a gaffe or misstatement. Neither option is particularly inspiring.

Trust me, I could go on and on but I think you get the point.