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Stamford Advocate runs gun ad next to Sandy Hook article?

Via Facebook, the Connecticut Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists circulated this write-up Jim Romenesko did on a remarkably bad judgement call by by The Stamford Advocate (note: The News Times and Stamford Advocate are both part of the Hearst Connecticut Media Group):

Shouldn’t it be standard operating procedure at this point to make sure there aren’t gun ads next to school shooting-related stories?

Short answer…yes.

Romenesko contacted the Advocate for comment and received the following response from Hearst Connecticut Media Group executive editor Barbara Roessner.

UPDATE: Roessner sent this email:

Our newspapers should not be running gun ads — including ads for antique and collectible gun shows — next to stories about Sandy Hook. It’s insensitive, and it shouldn’t have happened. It was an oversight, and we apologize for it. We have taken steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

To their credit, the people at Hearst understand that it was probably not the best move to place a gun ad next to anything related to the shooting in Sandy Hook…it’s just too bad that this happened in the first place.