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Nationwide criticism towards State Rep. Hovey continues

Another day and another round of criticism from across the country. After Hovey’s rant was aired on MSNBC, people flooded the site to give the disgraceful State Rep a piece of their mind.

chris from ny commented yesterday

I love when they say if I offened anyone ..thats are sorry or you’re not ..just say you’re know you were offensive.


Bradley William Bleck commented yesterday

Can we channel Dan Akroyd here: DebraLee, you ignorant slut! Or would that be impudent?


Melinda Sanderson commented yesterday

Gun control is a political issue. Anything that is said about it at any time is political. Nevertheless, this representative is an idiot. She is a bully trying to push around a woman who was the victim of gun violence following a number of insensitive politicians putting targets over her district and encouraging voters to consider exercising their “second amendment option” if elections did not turn out to suit them. Gabby Giffords iis no longer a U.S. Representative and does not have to comply with congressional protocol. Gabby Giffords has the right to travel to Connecticutt to offer whatever comfort she can to the victims and the survivors have the right to receive her or not. I am sure that Ms. Giffords will probably become a pro- gun control activist. That tends to happen when you survive being shot in the head by a gun toting stranger. Ms. Hovey exercised her First Amendment right and shot off her mouth. Now the voters should exercise their rights to vote and dump her.


Paul Caporino commented yesterday

Go suck on a Bushmaster, Hovey. Those towns aren’t yours, you @!$%#bag.


Lyle-1901841 commented yesterday

Sorry, it’s not HER town. What an idiotic thing to say. Seems six terms should be enough for this imbecile.


tompoe commented yesterday

Hovey’s comment should be enough reason for anyone to make their vote count by NOT voting for her ever again. What a smelly woman.


Rose, New York commented yesterday

There isn’t any excuse for this insensitivity toward the families of the Sandy Hook community and Ms. Giffford who is also a private citizen with rights. The Republicans senselessly continue to trend on our rights, our lives, our safety, our well being without an ounce of decency while defending the outdated ideals. There is never any reason nor need for assult weapons to be accessible to anyone other than the military and they know it!.. I am done with this stupidity as they continue to speak with God and Country on their side!


5843supie commented yesterday

I love it when politicians accuse another politician of being political… and then the ignoramous Hovey says “if I offended anyone….. blah, blah, blah…” when she knows damn well what she said was offensive and STUPID !


ememen commented 19 hours ago

As usual majority of politicians see everything through their narrow ideological prism of self-serving interest and that should not be an excuse for State Rep Hovey and others who don’t seem to know how humanity looks like or have any form of human experience beyond their ideology.