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Boughton/Danbury GOP continue to pull dirty tricks in voter suppression effort

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This is outrageous, simply outrageous.

The press release from the Danbury Democrats tell the story.

On September 10, 2013, the Danbury City Council first considered a suggestion made by the Danbury Republican Registrar of Voters to relocate the Sixth Ward polling place from Park Avenue School to the Moose Lodge. Public comment at the meeting was indisputably opposed to such a move, running more than ten to one against the proposal. During the meeting the proposal was referred for consideration by the entire Council sitting as a Committee of the Whole. Despite the passage of three weeks and a light pre-election workload, Council President Cavo did not schedule the Committee of the Whole meeting. Only on September 27th was the meeting to take place on Monday, September 30th at 7:30pm. Critically this is only one day before the City Council’s regular meeting for October 1, 2013.

“There has been ample time to schedule the committee meeting and I see no good reason to hold it the night before the City Council meeting when a the final vote will take place.” Said, City Council Democratic Leader, Tom Saadi, “I am deeply concerned that this schedule is nothing more than a procedural gimmick to force an ill conceived and bad proposal through the Council with little time for public scrutiny.”

“It is clear that the Mayor and Mr. Cavo are attempting to pull a fast one on the people of Danbury,” Said Democratic Party Chair, Joseph DaSilva, Jr., “This proposal has been opposed by the NewsTimes, members of the City Council, by the Democratic Registrar of Voters and by hundreds of actual voters who live in the Sixth Ward. Clearly this is a proposal that has no support or justification. Frankly, the best the Republicans could come up with to speak in favor of the proposal was the spouse of one of their members. Scheduling the Committee meeting back to back with the Council meeting is nothing more than a transparent attempt at ensuring no one tries to shine a light upon why they are seeking to move the polling place to the most remote and inaccessible portion of the Sixth Ward.”

Although the arrogant Mayor and his ilk called for the establishment of a meeting off the council to address their laughable voter suppression effort in the sixth ward early this month, Councilman Joe Cavo and the Republicans refused to call the meeting until the day before the council meeting in an effort to ram their plan through without giving the public ample time to express their concerns.

To be continued…