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Monthly Archive for October, 2013

: October, 2013

Boughton sexual harassment deposition obtained

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Will the depositions of Mark Boughton and former HR director Carol DeSantie finally put the rumors to rest or create more questions than answers? No thanks to the

Doing what Paul McAllister is unwilling to accomplish…

Cross post from HatCityBLOG Do you know who this man is? If not, don’t worry, most people have no idea that this individual is running against Mark Boughton since he’s running a virtually non-existant

VIDEO/AUDIO: Boughton/Danbury GOP blink, back away from voter suppression move

Cross post from HatCityBLOG At last night’s meeting of the city council, faced with widespread public disapproval, Mayor Boughton and the Republican leadership on the city council backed away from