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Good riddance!

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Happy happy, joy joy!

Danbury Board of Education chairman Sandy Steichen and vice chair Shirley Chilian resigned abruptly from the 11-member board at the end of the group’s bimonthly meeting Wednesday.


Chilian said after the meeting she had waited until after the November municipal election to see if the board would have new members.

Three incumbents were returned to the board along with two newcomers, so Chilian said she decided to find another place to volunteer.

Chilian and Steichen were among four board members who voted unsuccessfully not to renew the superintendent’s contract in June and among six who prevailed not to give him a raise.

Many whom followed the antics of Chilian and Steichen since their coordinated power grab when they took control of the board aren’t shedding a tear over this news.

Steichen term as chairperson has been nothing short than a nightmare. Throughout her time on the board, Steichen leadership has been nothing short than a disaster complete with her repeated clashes with fellow veteran board members and the school superintendent, infuriating her fellow Republican colleagues on the city council with her lack of preparedness in should go down in history as one of the worst education budget presentations in recent memory…complete with an obvious violation of the city charter.

Although a Democrat, Chilian was equally as horrific and many consider her as instrumental in Steichen becoming chairperson in the first place.

Once they saw that their supporters on the board did not win re-election, they both knew tht their time as leaders on the board was about to come to abrupt end. It’s rather clear that they took the quick way out as opposed to endure the embarrassment of being booted from their posts.

Hopefully with their resignations, the board can re-focus their attention on making sure the city provides the best quality of education to the children in the city as opposed to the constant infighting and clashes which the board had to endure under Steichen’s failed leadership.

It’s suppose to be all about the kids right?