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Dump Esty

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Elizabeth Esty Republican-Light principles are more in tune with the mindset of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan than with progressives and working families in Connecticut…

With Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty’s latest outrageous vote against the Affordable Care Act, when it comes to 2014, Daily Kos nails it.

Liberalism has some basis in the belief that government is part of the solution to our societal and individual problems, and not part of the problem as some moron lied about 30 years ago. If the ACA fails, or even if there’s a false impression that the ACA has failed, health care for everyone could be set back decades or permanently lost. Liberalism itself will go back to being a dirty word and we may end up seeing a repeat of 2010 in both 2014 and 2016.

These 39 Democratic cowards just gave out a big scream that the ACA is a failure, Obama is a failure, Liberalism is a failure, and Democrats are a failure. Each and everyone of these people should be primaried.


District: CT 05
Name: Esty, Elizabeth
Obama 2012 Margin: 8.2
Population without health insurance: 66,677
Percentage without health insurance: 9.5
Percentage below poverty line: 12

As someone who didn’t hold back with my disapproval of then State Rep. Elizabeth Esty’s Republican-Light voting record, as well as her stance on Paid Sick Leave, her outrageous insensitivity towards seniors, her proposal to gut social programs, and, as a member of Congress, her quest to seek “common ground” with a Congresswoman who supported the Castle Doctrine, I’m not surprised with her latest outrageous support for the Tea Party’s desire to gut the Affordable Care Act.

As the CT Mirror notes, this isn’t the first time Esty has embraced the principles of the far right

With approval of Upton’s bill, House Republicans have voted 47 times to repeal or amend the ACA and this is the second time Esty has joined them.

In July, she voted for a House GOP bill that would delay the ACA’s requirement that nearly all Americans have health insurance.

The bill was promoted by House Republicans after Obama postponed the ACA’s requirement that all businesses with 50 or more employees provide health insurance for their workers.

With her lastest act of outrage, progressives in the fifth district who voiced their disapproval of Rep. Esty, but held their nose in support for her after the 2012 primary, should make thier outrage known by suggesting a primary challenge to the Congresswoman in 2014.

The people in the district once represented by Chris Murphy deserve better than an individual who has a long track record of throwing those who are in need under the bus.