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Sorry Mark but I’m not finished with this story (not by a long shot)…

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Questions surrounding the relationship between former personnel director Carol DeSantie and Mark Boughton are at the center of a lawsuit filed by the mayor’s former secretary, and former friend for 30+ years, Wendy DaCosta.

Trust me, I’m far from finished reporting on this story…

I’ll give my take on Mayor Mark Boughton’s laughable attempt to intimidate yours truly and the media from reporting on his recent lawsuit that focuses on long rumored allegations that Danbury’s most dishonest politician had an innapropriate relationship with the city’s former personnel director, Carol DeSantie.

News-Times May 20 2005:

According to a copy of a deposition obtained by The News-Times, Christy Doyle, one of the lawyers for the city, had the following exchange with one of the clerks. Sources identified the clerk as Theresa Boccuzzi. Doyle: “Ÿ… well, first of all, who told you that Ms. DeSantie was seeing the mayor?” Clerk: “It was common knowledge around City Hall and anybody you talked to would know it.” Doyle: “How did you find out?” Clerk: “Just gossip.” Doyle: “By who?” Clerk: “People that work up there.” Doyle: “You don’t recall who?” Clerk: “No. Everybody was talking about it.”

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