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Mark Boughton’s laughable and dishonest campaign for governor is toast

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Smart woman opting to go at it alone as oppposed to joining forces with a loser…

Republican lieutenant governor candidate Heather Somers severed her ties with gubernatorial candidate Mark Boughton Thursday and announced she would run for the office on her own.

Boughton, mayor of Danbury and one of three candidates in a primary for the Republican nomination, named Somers his running mate in January in hopes she would help him raise money and garner support with Republican delegates.

But speculation that Somers may run on her own began after last week’s Republican nominating convention. Neither Boughton nor Somers won the party nomination, which went to Tom Foley in the gubernatorial race and state Rep. Penny Bacchiochi in the lieutenant governor’s race. However, both finished second in their respective race and received enough support to participate in a primary.

In a press release, Somers said she received nearly one-third of delegate votes at the convention and the votes came from supporters of several possible gubernatorial candidates. Senate Minority Leader John McKinney is also participating in the Republican gubernatorial primary and candidates Joe Visconti and Mark Lauretti are both working to petition their way onto the ballot.

“I have great respect for Mark Boughton, Tom Foley, John McKinney, Joe Visconti and Mark Lauretti. Any of them would be a better governor than Dan Malloy. As such, I feel it best to forge my own path in the primary to serve as lieutenant governor,” Somers said in a press release.

Without the assitance of Somers, there is NO WAY Dishonet Boughton will have the means to raise enough cash to qualify for public financing…

From the start, Boughton’s arrangement with Somers was fueled by fundraising needs. Under a state Supreme Court ruling in 2010, running mates can combine their money in order to reach the threshold for public financing. “We picked a very clear path on how to get to our qualifying amount,” Boughton said recently.

Boughton had been counting on Somers to help him reach $250,000 benchmark to qualify under the public financing system.

With no way to raise the additional 75,000 Somers would have added to his campaign, money, Boughton’s run for governor is unoffically OVER.