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Is Danbury’s dishonest mayor breaking state labor laws?

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Maybe someone at State Central should take a look at Danbury’s dishonest mayor’s desperate attemnpt to collect signatures and make sure he’s not violating the state’s labor laws.

It might not do much to ease unemployment among Republicans, but Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is offering what he says is a quick buck.

The Boughton campaign is advertising to hire petition circulators, at $2 per signature plus bonuses, in his effort to amass at least 8,190 signed names by June 10.


The campaign checked with the Sate Elections Enforcement Commission on paying circulators, but not with the state Department of Labor.

If the workers are considered employees, they need to receive at least the minimum wage for all hours they work. If they’re contractors, the arrangement must pass a so-called ABC test. Workers must be “free from direction and control,” for example, and they must be engaged in an “independently established trade.”

Nancy Steffens, a Labor Department spokeswoman, said it was impossible to tell from Boughton’s materials whether the arrangement would meet the standards.

Given Boughton’s history of lying to the public, as well as his willingness to break the law in order to get his way, it wouldn’t shock me if the last honest man in Danbury up to his old tricks again.