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Step down already!

Cross post from HatCityBLOG

For the sake of his family and his family’s paving business, Josh Stanley should step down as a candidate for State Rep in the 109th district before there is a full protest outside of American Paving Specialists LLC, on Cross Street.

I have the Twitter posts and there is NO WAY this clown should had EVER been considered a candidate for any office…makes you wonder if there is anyone in charge of vetting candidates over at the Danbury RTC or if their crop of candidates were so weak that they had no other choice but nominate this extremist.

These racist and disgusting posts were known to many since Josh’s Twitter account (JMStanley03) had many followers.
There is NO WAY members of Josh’s family (including his mother City Council member Coleen Stanley) did not know that these tweets exist…and Josh can try and delete his Tweets and scrub his Twitter account but trust me, he’s WAY too late!

The News-Times only posted the tame posts…the full ugly will be seen soon…prepare to be outraged!