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NEWSTIMES 10.21.06

Eriquez and his attorney have called the incident isolated, overblown and regrettable.


To recap, the former mayor and present chairman of the Democratic Town Committee was charged with assault in the third degree, disorderly conduct, and interfering with an emergency call in connection him allegedly doing the following to his wife in a drunken rage:

  • punched her in the face,
  • kicked her in the back
  • slapped the side of her head
  • hit her in the back with a kitchen bowl
  • pushed her down the hallway
  • tripped her on the stairs as she was running away

Unfortunately, there’s more…

NEWSTIMES 05.16.16

When his wife tried to call police, Eriquez chased her down, grabbed her cell phone and threw it down the hallway, the report said. She was eventually able to retrieve the phone, lock herself in a bedroom and call 911, police said.

The victim told police her face felt sore where she had been punched and both her arms felt bruised. The arresting officer noted that she had a red mark and swelling on her nose and forehead.

To add, while Eriquez claimed in a statement that he made in May that, “although some statements and allegations printed are not accurate,” according to the Newstimes, the police noted the following regarding the former mayor’s state of mind.

Eriquez was too drunk to give a statement, according to the police report. He was escorted by police to a relative’s home in the city and told not to return to his home or have contact with his wife.

Did I mention that the media’s primary source of this horrific incident which Eriquez characterized as “overblown” and portions of the news coverage that he described as “not accurate” is the victim’s recount of the alleged attack?

Despite calls for his resignation, among the entire Democratic delegation of the city council, current and former members of the town committee, as well as words of condemnation from elected officials, Eriquez stated that his incident was overblown?

I don’t think that the people who were effected by Eriquez’s actions would agree with his assessment of the incident.

While it’s refreshing to see that Eriquez called the his actions “regrettable,” and that he’s getting the counseling that he needs, for him to call this incident “overblown” is wrong…flat wrong.

Maybe this entire disgraceful affair is “overblown” to Eriquez but it’s not overblown for many in the city who would NEVER call ANY incident of domestic violence “overblown.”

Food for thought as we observe the final days of domestic violence awareness month…