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Dan Carter only supports Trump when it’s in his own best interest

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Dan Carter stumps in support of Donald Trump at the GOP presidential nominee’s rally in Fairfield in August.

This is rich!

It seems like Richard Blumenthal’s opponent in the US Senate campaign is trying to distance himself from Donald Trump…no, I’m not kidding, Blumenthal is running for re-election (Vigdor, Hearst Newspapers, 10.30.16:).

The reception at the train station for Carter grew warmer with the rising sun. That is, until the conversation turned toward the top of the ticket.

“Not a fan of Trump’s,” said one woman, who declined to give her name. “I don’t want to get blown up in three weeks or see someone impeached or an assassination. It’s not a reality TV show.”

Carter didn’t put up much of a defense for Donald Trump.

“It shouldn’t be a circus,” said Carter, who is married and has two children from a previous marriage.

It didn’t take much to get Joe Worthington, 58, a dentist and Republican from Fairfield, worked up about the election.

“Both individuals are horrific,” he told Carter of Trump and Clinton. “I don’t think (Trump) is an ideal person, but Hillary is going to destroy our country. I’m not thrilled with (Blumenthal).”

Really Dan? Really?

Unlike many Republicans in the state who do not support Trump and skipped his rally in Fairfield in August, Carter had no problem standing in solidarity with the state’s most die-hard supporters of the GOP Presidential nominee. (Stuart, CT News Junkie, 08.13.16.)

Unlike Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s first rallies in Connecticut in April, Saturday’s event at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield included remarks from the Republican establishment.


Other Republicans at the rally joined in criticizing Clinton, including state Rep. Dan Carter, R-Bethel, who is challenging Democratic U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal this fall. Carter spent much of his speech comparing Blumenthal to Clinton, saying both candidates are untrustworthy.

Carter panned Clinton as being “more of the same.”

Dan Carter can’t stand front in center with the Trump’s loyalists one day, turn around and throw Trump under the bus the next day, and expect to be taken seriously…which would probably explain why most people don’t know that Richard Blumenthal is running for re-election.