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Danbury Election day predictions

Danbury election day thoughts…

Turnout: Same or near as 2013 levels…

* Most impressive candidate/campaign/MVP award: Farley Santos…it’s not even close…seriously…

Races to watch:

1. Board of Education 2 year term race between Eileen Alberts and Kathy Molinaro.

2. Board of Education 4 year term race…watch for Republican Emanuela Palmares and Democrat Farley Santos…

3. City Council At Large race among Democratic candidates (due to the vacancy from the passing of Gregg Seabury).


Mayor: Boughton (approx 7700) Almeida (aprox 3100).

I think Boughton will pull around the same numbers as he did in 2013 in his race against Paul McCallister…I think Almeida will pull near 2013 Dem petitioning candidate Paul McCallister…it will be interesting to see his final numbers and see where he ranks against former Democratic candidates McCallister (2013), Taborsak (2011), Gonvcalves (2009), and Abrantes (2005).

Treasurer: Jowdy (approx 8500), Salvatore (approx. 4400).

Only think interesting about this race is that Jowdy bought new lawn signs and seeing how Salvatore matches up against the last Democratic candidate who ran against Jowdy, Brian Cotter (4544 votes, 2007).

Town Clerk: Geigler (aprox. 4700), Bielizna (aprox 3400).

Same as 2015…

City Council..wards 1-7: unchanged.








At Large: unchanged.

At Large Democratic predictions:

1. Kovcas

2. Taborsak

3. Alves

4. Katzing

5. Sabo

6. Love

7. Britton

(Honestly, 4-7 were shots in the dark…just gut feeling since they are newbies to the game).

Zoning: Same lineup but I think Gartner has a realistic shot at winning…

Stay tuned…results soon…