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GOP 5th District Congressional candidate calls reaction to family separation crisis “fake outrage”

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Fake outrage. That’s how GOP 5th district candidate Ruby O’Neil described the response to the humanitarian crisis that President Trump created…a crisis includes toddlers being separated from their mothers and housed in cages at government sponsored “camps.”


“O’Neill also called the reaction to the family separation “fake outrage” from national Democrats.

“It breaks my heart to see children separated from their families. I am horrified by the images I am seeing in the news and I am angry at members of Congress who express outrage after failing to do anything to fix our broken immigration system,” O’Neill said.

“What is obvious is that Democrats are using these children as political pawns to try and win elections. It’s wrong and it’s cruel,” O’Neill added. “There is not a single person in America who wants to see these children separated from their families. President Trump is enforcing existing law and if Democrats really cared about the children they would stop staging publicity stunts and start working with Republicans to fix the problem.””

There are no words…