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Community leaders celebrate DanburyWORKS collaborative launch

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DanburyWORKS Initiative Director Sandra Ferreira provides opening remarks at the launch of the city-wide collaborative to combate poverty.

Yesterday morning, local agencies and the City of Danbury celebrated the launch of DanburyWORKS; a city-wide collaborative dedicated to reducing the poverty rate in Danbury by 30 percent over the next ten years.

From the DanburyWORKS website:

DanburyWORKS is a city-wide collaborative targeting these residents who struggle to make ends meet, as well as those who are in poverty. DanburyWORKS links services across the community to make it easier for households in need to access the tools necessary to build a better life for their families, and a stronger economic force for our city.

The collaborative has local organizations, businesses, social service agencies, government officials, educational institutions and residents who recognize the barriers limiting the economic contributions people of color and immigrants and are committed to making a change. Together, we use our network of services to move city residents into the workplace feeling connected, and prepared to learn and grow.

By city agencies pulling their resources together under the DanburyWORKs collaborative, the program hopes to better improve the quality of life for residents in the city.

Funding for DanburyWORKS includes a a 450,000 grant from the Boston Federal Reserve’s Working Cities Challenge, “a grant competition that is designed to support cross-sector, collaborative leadership and ambitious work to improve the lives of low-income people in small and mid-size cities in Connecticut.”

From yesterday, here are highlights of the collaborative launch.

For more information on DanburyWORKS, you can go to their website, “like” their page on Facebook, or contact contact DanburyWORKS Initiative Director Sandra Ferreira at 203-297-6283
or email at


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