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Danbury Prospect School makes major funding announcement

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Artist rendering of the proposed Danbury Prospect Charter School.
(UPDATE: This post has been updated with video footage from the press conference).

Danubry Prosepct Charter School’s desire for an educational facility in the city received a boost thanks to a funding pledge from a local philanthropist.


This Thursday at 12pm, the City of Danbury is announcing a philanthropic pledge of funds for a much-needed new school facility for Danbury students and families. This site will be the future home of Danbury Prospect Charter School, a grades 6-12 school designed to serve Danbury’s growing diverse student population.
This generous donation will immediately allow Danbury to address its rapidly growing student enrollment. Because of this gift, a new school facility will be built and new school seats created without increasing city taxes or debt, all during an economically turbulent year.

Additionally, Danbury Prospect will offer robust, new education opportunities for Danbury children and serve as an essential component of Danbury’s approach to more equitably serving its Latino community. The school offers a diverse-by-design model and the globally-recognized International Baccalaureate program.

The speakers at Thursday’s press conference reflect the broad coalition that supports Danbury Prospect. The school presents a unique opportunity for parents and retirees, Democrats and Republicans, long-time Danbury residents and new neighbors to come together in support of a school that will advance educational excellence in Danbury, as soon as the state allocates per pupil operating dollars toward its operation.

Now it is incumbent upon Governor Lamont to include funding for Danbury Prospect in his executive budget. Alternative solutions to Danbury’s educational challenges would cost the city and state over $100 million in building costs and would take years to open.

Danbury needs a new school, and this gift ensures that Danbury will have one. Danbury residents just need our Governor to take action.

On Thursday Danbury Prospect held a press conference with Mayor Joe Cavo, Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce CEO PJ Prunty, and area supporters to celebrate the funding pledge…here’s highlights from the event.

You can watch the conference in full (which includes footage missed by the Prospect School’s Zoom feed) by clicking here.