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Charter school advocates call on governor to fund Danbury Prospect School

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Supporters for Danbury Prosepct School have intensified their efforts to open a charter school in the city.

Earlier today, memebrs of Latinos for Education Advocacy in Danbury, along with the Danbury Chamber of Commerence and Community Action Learning Center called upon Gov. Lamont to fund Danbury Prospect School in his upcoming budget proposal.


Latinos for Education Advocacy in Danbury (LEAD) and other community members today urged Governor Ned Lamont to answer their demands for educational equity in Danbury and fund Danbury Prospect Charter School. Over the past several years, the Danbury community has made it clear that they demand greater education equity. Governor Lamont has the power to fulfill the dreams of hundreds of children and families who want a better, more equal school system.

“In the same spirit of Latino leaders like future Secretary of Education Cardona and Senator Bradley, we want to continue the fight for education equity and call upon our state leaders to ensure Danbury students have access to every quality public school opportunity that is on the table,” said Maria Matos, a founding member of LEAD.
Speakers also praised Governor Lamont for his long-time leadership and asked him to consider his legacy of education and racial justice.

“I admire Governor Lamont because I know he fervently and tenaciously fights for educational equity. Danbury Prospect is a school that will fight for diversity, that values representation, that understands the importance of teaching Black and Latino history. This is a school Danbury needs in order to move one step closer to equality,” said Gabriela Perez, community organizer and former Danbury Public Schools student.

Governor Lamont has heard an outpouring of support from over four thousand Danbury residents since the school was approved in 2018. The community is unified in its support. Now, it is time to realize the dreams of parents, students, and thousands of community members.

While Danubry Prospect School has support among a number of local elected officials including Mayor Joe Cavo, the city’s Democratic state delegaiton are on record as being oppossed to proposal contending that the charter school takes away state funding for students who attend public school.

Here are highlights from today’s press conference.

You can watch the presser in full by clicking here.