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Standardized Tests and the Coronavirus

High school students, teachers and counselors are all doing their best to keep up with school requirements from home, even as no one is sure how long this will go on. For high school juniors, this is

College Admissions & Social Distancing

While high school students are “distance learning” from home, they still need to do what they can when it comes to college admission. For seniors, this means choosing which college to attend and for
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Financial Literacy For High School Students

In this article from The New Haven Register, “Add financial literacy to high school coursework,”  author Eric Tashlein argues that CT high schools  should require students to take a course

How to Apply to College? Let Me Count the Ways

September begins the ninth year I have been writing this blog, “Next Stop: College” for the Hearst newspapers online. Every few years, I write a blog post explaining the different ways students can

The Common Application Opens Today

The Common Application 2019-2020 is Live! The newest version of the Common App, along with their new abstract logo, is ready for the high school class of 2020 to start filling out and submitting. The
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The College Admissions Scandal

The recent scandal in college admissions captured the attention of just about everyone in America. It involved some of the nation’s most competitive and well known universities, Hollywood celebrities,
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March Sadness

This month most high school seniors will receive their admissions decisions from the colleges to which they applied. For some it will be good news, “Congratulations and welcome to the Class of
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“Early” College Applications Deferred

This week, high school seniors have received their acceptance decisions from the colleges to which they applied Early Decision and Early Action. The admissions decisions from the colleges can be