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Monthly Archive for March, 2011

: March, 2011

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The Wait List

By the end of this week, high school seniors all over the country will know which colleges have accepted, rejected or wait listed them.  Being wait-listed can feel like you are in limbo. The college
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X-Rated College Classes

I couldn’t help but click on the article in The Daily Beast– the headline was about Northwestern University’s Live Sex Class. Oh brother. The article stated, “On Feb. 21, after a lecture on sexual
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Another Admissions Error

The NY Times is reporting that yet another university has mistakenly let students know that they were admitted.  This time it was the University of Delaware. According to the Times, “When the
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Harvard Reverses Itself-Will Allow Early Applications

In 2006, Harvard University decided to stop offing early admissions–for Harvard that meant they would no longer offer non-binding Early Action. According to the Harvard University Gazette, the reason
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Congratulations, you have been accepted…Oops!

The waiting game is down to the last few weeks for high school seniors and by the first week in April, students should finally have all of their college acceptance decisions in hand. For those who
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Scholarship Scams

Now that applications are completed and submitted, many students will begin their other round of applications–for scholarships. This article in the Washington Post does a great job of explaining the