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: November, 2012

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Tuition Fees Based on Your Major?

What is going on in Florida? As a former resident of the Sunshine State and a proud graduate of the University of Florida, I was dismayed to read what the state is proposing regarding higher
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First Time Back Home for College Freshmen:

Happy Thanksgiving to All. I wrote this blog in 2010 and it is still relevant. This week, college freshmen will arrive home for a four day– or even longer –Thanksgiving break. For many, this will be
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Expect the Unexpected

This fall has certainly given the northeast a run for our money. We had a hurricane that was nicknamed Frankenstorm, as much for its proximity to Halloween as its size and potential for destruction.
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Some Early Deadlines Extended

At Janet Rosier’s Educational Resources, Inc. we are without power or internet but happy to have survived Hurricane Sandy without damage. On Friday I strongly suggested to seniors with November 1