Destruction in Shippan Point prompts massive clean-up

Residents of Shippan Point spent the afternoon chopping and removing fallen trees, sand, litter and other debris from their lawns and streets after Superstorm Sandy left a trail of destruction in Stamford’s idyllic coastline neighborhood Monday.

Penney Burnett, whose home on Saddle Rock Road overlooks Long Island Sound, spent Monday and Tuesday mourning the destruction of the lush gardens and wooden gazebo on her waterfront property. But luckily, her home was left untouched.

“I was sad, I cried, but I got over it very quickly,” said Burnett, who hired landscapers to help with the clean-up. “There’s no damage to my house, there’s no water and everyone’s safe.”

Burnett’s neighbor, Karen Murphy, was making steady progress cleaning up her own property, though she wondered how she would go about removing the mounds of sand and pebbles that had been been deposited on her lawn by a massive storm surge.

Her garage was flooded, too, forcing her to throw a lot of the possessions (toys, beach chairs, appliances) she had been storing there.

“It’s about time that got cleaned out anyway,” she joked.

Just next door to Murphy, in a home that was owned by the late Ann Rich, the windows had been blasted out and the backyard swimming pool had disappeared. Wait, what swimming pool?

“There was an Olympic-sized swimming pool right where we’re standing,” said Lisa Cuscuna, who had come to check on her neighbors and take pictures of the damage. “It’s completely filled with sand.”

Scott Gargan