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The Virtual Fairfield Museum

Check out the Fairfield Museum’s online schedule for this week below and join them for brand new entertainment, challenges, and fun facts from Fairfield’s amazing history!

While the museum remains closed to the public, the staff has been busy planning for the day that they can reopen and welcome visitors again. They are cleaning & disinfecting regularly, they have installed brand new carpet and a fresh coat of paint throughout the museum and are in contact with state and local authorities to understand and plan for the challenges of reopening when the time is right.

On Tuesday, June 2 – Where’s Walt?
Where will Walt turn up this week? Tune in on Tuesday at 3:30pm to find out and learn about another historic area of Fairfield. Let us know if there’s a historic place in Fairfield you want Walt to visit?

On June 3, Wednesday, 9:30am
Share Your Stories!
Tune in on Wednesday and share your stories. This week we focus on School Athletics!  What are your favorite school sports memories from your childhood?

On June 4, Thursday, 3:30pm
“This Old Thing”

Join Walt on Thursday afternoon to learn about Project Nike (named after Nike, the goddess of victory from Greek mythology), a Fairfield based, U.S. Army project proposed in May 1945.

Friday, June 5 Friday, 12:30pm
Flashback Friday!  Learn about the awesome exhibits, events and programs we have been bringing to our community over the years! This week we flashback to Connecticut’s Annual Open House Day!