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Valentine’s Day Virtually in Danbury @ the Hat City Ball

Looking for a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the Hat City Ball on February 12, 2021, hosted by the Danbury Museum. This year, the ball is virtual! Not to worry, food is still playing a part… you can pick up a 3-course meal that you can pick up at the Amber Room and enjoy (in your favorite PJs or your favorite gown!) in the comfort of your home with your favorite person! Or treat yourself to a delicious pre-Valentine’s Day Meal. It is easy to order your meal online using a drop-down menu. To purchase a ticket click here.

The biggest upside of this year’s Virtual Hat City Ball is that for each ticket purchased, a meal will be donated to Danbury senior citizens–our storytellers and memory keepers–in cooperation with The New American Dream Foundation and the Amber Room Colonnade.

These two groups have worked tirelessly since the start of the pandemic to give added food security to our senior population. The Friends of the Danbury Museum are honoring The New American Dream Foundation and the Amber Room Colonnade with our annual award, The Hat City Award for Preservation Excellence, as a way of thanking them for the great work they have done. The goal is to provide all 600+ meals for the Saturday, February 13, delivery.

Janet Serra