Brows take a bow – Thick or plucked, arched or wild, keeping brows well groomed is the trending style

By the time you are born, they have been forming for nearly four months — hairy arches that will define the way you look, determine the way you are perceived and reveal your inner feelings. We are talking eyebrows, and these days they are having their moment. “Brows have exploded,” says Danielle Santagata, 36, an

Coming: Interview with Kent artist Alison Palmer

We got to know Alison Palmer first in Kent, where she teaches and sells amazing pottery.  Then we followed her to Mexico, where she shifts artistic gears. In Yucatán, she makes papier-maché masks that draw inspiration from Mayan culture.  Part of the change is chalked up to practicality. In Yucatán, she can get paper more readily

Thomas Henkelmann’s Baked Peaches with Marzipan Pits, Raspberry Coulis and Valhrona White Chocolate Ice Cream

Serves 6 6 ripe peaches 1 quart water 1 bourbon vanilla bean cut open and scrapped out Juice of 2 lemons 15 ounces granulated sugar 6 ounces raspberry coulis Marzipan centers (recipe to follow) White chocolate ice cream (recipe to follow) 1 ounce plain yogurt seasoned with a bit of lime juice and confectioner’s sugar,

Winter getaways – Doesn’t summer in Antarctica sound good right now?

It is one of the givens of a New England winter that at some point you will feel you have to get away. This year may have started almost balmy and you may love snow and may even relish daily walks along the windy shores of Long Island Sound, but at some moment, perhaps when

‘Drunk Stoned …’: Creation of National Lampoon

The Movie & A Martini screening of “Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon” played to a full house at the Avon Theatre in Stamford recently, but we piggy-backed on one of the popular Documentary Nights at the nonprofit venue. Director Doug Tirola and producer Susan Bedusa had a lot of Westport

At Lugano, plates of salumi, tapas way to go

Tapas is definitely the way to go at Lugano Wine Bar & Salumeria, which opened last year in Greenwich. Yes, there are main dishes (“secondi”) and a selection of pastas (“primi”), but it’s the top of the menu with its litany of formaggi, salumi and tapas (really small plates) that warrants perusing and where there

Culture Cache – Our picks of the week

FAIRFIELD Artist takes work in a new direction As its first exhibition for 2016, Art/Place Gallery will showcase new works by Greenwich member-painter Paul G. Larson in a solo show, “A Brief Sojourn,” through Feb. 14. Larson has degrees in fine art and education from Marietta College. From 1975 until 1985, he worked as an

It started with Sarah – Traditional Jewish challah takes on a deeper meaning

The history that was simultaneously made and observed at the Fairfield County Mega Challah Bake 500 staged recently at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich needs some explaining. First, the 500 refers to the approximate number of Jewish women who paid $25 not to break bread together, but to make bread together. At every place setting,

Ditching the posters – Young people are serious about buying original art

  If you’re a young art lover on a budget who is sick of toting museum posters from apartment to apartment, don’t despair. Buying original art to begin replacing those reproductions is a rite of passage that doesn’t have to be complicated now that the Stamford area has become a hub for commercial galleries and