Parents Role in Teaching the Young Adults to Use Guns for Safety

All parents want to see their children happy, safe and prepared for whatever life may throw at them. That’s why many parents realize the importance of teaching their children self-defense using a firearm when they become young adults.

However, there’s a lot that a child needs to know about guns before they’re ready to start wielding one. For a young adult to be a capable gun owner, the training needs to begin from an early age, especially if there are firearms in the house.

Practice with airsoft guns

To ensure that their children are capable enough to protect themselves with a firearm, parents can start introducing them by training them with airsoft guns. The appropriate age to start children off with an airsoft gun is anywhere between 7th birthday or 10th. Airsoft guns are a good option for children of this age because they have less recoil and are safer to handle.

By familiarizing their children with guns, parents will be preparing them for local licenses like the Tennessee handgun carry permit. Tennessee parents can fast-track this process by enrolling kids in a online course when they’re ready that’ll also teach them local handgun laws. ConcealedCarry-ed is an online institution that teaches handgun handling techniques, firearm storage and safety and self-defense.

Gun safety

While parents can teach their children how to use guns for self-defense, they must also teach them that firearms aren’t toys. Children can be taught this by providing some simple steps to follow.

The first step is to stop and not touch the gun. This will make it easier for a child to remember the rest of the steps. The second step is to run away. This’ll decrease the chances of a child being tempted to touch the weapon. The last step is that the child must tell an adult about the gun and not hide any details regarding it.

Firearm maintenance

Once children reach five years of age, parents can choose to introduce guns to their children by teaching them how to maintain a gun. By taking the gun apart in front of the child, parents can teach the kid about the different parts and their role in firing a bullet.

Besides cultivating good gun ownership traits in their children, parents who teach their kids gun maintenance at an early age curb their curiosity. Children who know how guns work will be less likely to want to seek guns out and possibly cause injury or death to themselves or others.

Move onto real guns

When a child is familiar with guns and has improved their skills with airsoft guns, parents can start showing the kid how to use a real firearm. The appropriate age to let the children use real weapons is when they start to be young adults at age 13 or 14.

The best place for parents to let their kids put what they’ve been learning over the years is by bringing them along on occasional hunting trips. On these trips, to ensure maximum safety, parents must have zero distractions when a child is shooting.

Targeted training

As time goes by and a young adult continues being responsible around guns, parents can now increase the frequency and intensity of shooting lessons. Parents can do this by taking the child to a shooting range to practice.

Parents can also practice firearm self-defense tactics with their children by role-playing scenarios like clearing a house when there’s an intruder. When role-playing these scenarios, families must ensure that only airsoft or BB guns are used. This tactical and real firearm handling training will enable any young adult to have the ability to defend themselves should the need arise.

Joe Meyers