Fun Things to Do When You are Bored Working from Home

During this time in Corona, most of the people are working from home. The perks of this are having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever and however you want. But the downside of this is unbusy-ness. When you are in a working area, you have limited freedom.

Secondly, your mind is also at a work state-level, making you automatically busy. The state of being unbusy at home eventually leads to boredom. To avoid this, we have put together a couple of things you might do to kill time when you are bored;

Watching anime

Watching anime will not only entertain you but will also keep you busy throughout. Anime is unlike television series since they contain more episodes than them. On top of that, most anime series are action-packed, leaving you entertained throughout the whole show runtime.

When picking an anime, we would suggest you choose Naruto. Why? It has a long storyline, it is action-packed, funny, and very entertaining. It has a total of 700 episodes. The first version has 200 episodes, while the other one has 500 episodes, giving you endless entertainment throughout the year.

And the best part about it is that it has a spinoff called Boruto. You also need to know about the canon and filler episodes if you plan to watch the series. The full list is easily available on


Working out is another way of abstaining from boredom. Working out can be running at a trade-meal or outside, lifting weights, boxing, and many more. You can have hourly sessions of working out whenever you feel bored when working at home.

And the best part of this is that you’ll not only gain physique but also re-electrify your mind, giving it a fresh feeling when you start working. Precaution: when working out during the middle of the day, avoid heavy exercise that can exhaust you. It will cause you to fail to get back to work again as you’ll lack the energy and strength to do so.

Playing games

It is a fun way of escaping boredom. Playing games is fun, especially strategic games since they aren’t boring (they will always keep your mind busy). Games like God of War, Devil May Cry, Far Cry are so strategic that they will keep your mind preoccupied even when playing them.

On top of that, you might opt for more sports like the game FIFA 2021. Games like this tend to have online gaming options giving you an advantage of playing a head-to-head versus.

Watching a match

For sports lovers, this is the perfect remedy. Sports are the only thing that bond people together. They are also the only thing that makes a man gossip. Whenever a person watches matches, he eventually wants to talk about it after it’s finished to another person.

Why? It is because they are eventful. For example, the Ron Artest versus Ben Wallace basketball fight. People still talk about the fight until this day. Or the five seconds air dunk by Michael Jordan. It is these eventful moments that make the sport so entertaining hence a sweat escape from boredom.


Gardening is a perfect way of escaping boredom. A garden can be a vegetable garden like a carrot garden, fruit garden, a flower garden, or a mixture of all these together. As we know, flowers and plants require a lot of attention. They need watering, trimming, weeding, adding manure to ensure a stable environment to grow.

The daily routine of doing these activities will save you from boredom. It will also add a value of beauty to your surroundings, as gardens make a household environment look attractive.