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Coming: Interview with Kent artist Alison Palmer

We got to know Alison Palmer first in Kent, where she teaches and sells amazing pottery.  Then we followed her to Mexico, where she shifts artistic gears. In Yucatán, she makes papier-maché masks that draw inspiration from Mayan culture.  Part of the change is chalked up to practicality. In Yucatán, she can get paper more readily

One Cool Thing: Custom alpaca scarves

Textile artist Ruben Marroquin handcrafts all his textiles in his own weaving and art studio.

3-D designs are making wallpaper pop

No creature from any lagoon will be lunging toward that divan, but the latest wallpaper line from a Connecticut duo translates that 3-D movie house magic into distinctly dramatic home design.

Fiction: ‘Along the Infinite Sea’

An excerpt from Beatriz Williams’ novel, which hits store shelves Nov. 3

Bourbons: A growing preference for ‘local’ and ‘authentic’

So a guy walks into Bailey’s Backyard in Ridgefield looking for the bar because he’s there to talk about bourbon, which happens to be one of Bailey’s signature libations. Except the joke’s on him because there is no bar, just two cozy dining rooms, and the bourbons are not only kept out of sight, they are not familiar brands like Maker’s Mark or Jim Beam.

Living small: Finding stylish furniture that fits

It was a week before move-in day when Jennifer Bangser, her husband and her teenaged daughter would see whether their measurements and planning would translate to a rented living space that was clean, simple and cozy, instead of busy, cluttered and cramped. Downsizing from a four-bedroom home in the suburbs was going to be a challenge.

One Cool Thing: Stick your neck out

Instead of flowers, why not invite a big blue giraffe to your table? Wonderful as a striking anchor piece suitable for any tablescape, each animal begins as a hand-sculpted model in Jonathan Adler’s Soho, N.Y., pottery studio before it’s cast in solid blue Lucite and polished to achieve a smooth finish. Get it: $495, new

Bone broth: All the stuff to help skin become supple

After handing over $5.95 for a pint, I got ready to enjoy something I have only ever slurped out of the bottom of a bowl. On this morning, I was treating it like a cup of joe.

Answering the train whistle’s call at the Danbury Railway Museum

On a recent late-summer afternoon, Christina Hennessy puts off putting off a trip to the haunting beauty of the Danbury Railway Museum.

Excerpt: ‘Summer Secrets,’ by Westport writer Jane Green

London, 1998: For as long as I can remember, I have always had the feeling of not quite fitting in, not being the same as everyone else.