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Got an iPhone? Taking the fear factor out of filmmaking

Armed with nothing but an iPhone, and a good idea, you too might be the next Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino. The explosion in film and TV technology over the past decade has opened doors for many would-be moviemakers who could never have afforded the traditional 35mm film format that involved expensive equipment for shooting

‘Drunk Stoned …’: Creation of National Lampoon

The Movie & A Martini screening of “Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon” played to a full house at the Avon Theatre in Stamford recently, but we piggy-backed on one of the popular Documentary Nights at the nonprofit venue. Director Doug Tirola and producer Susan Bedusa had a lot of Westport

Ditching the posters – Young people are serious about buying original art

  If you’re a young art lover on a budget who is sick of toting museum posters from apartment to apartment, don’t despair. Buying original art to begin replacing those reproductions is a rite of passage that doesn’t have to be complicated now that the Stamford area has become a hub for commercial galleries and
Shep, left, and Ian Murray, founders of Vineyard Vines in Greenwich, on the beach in Edgartown, Mass., prove ties are not just limited to suits and jackets. Shawn G. Henry / Contributed photo

Ties that don’t bind

The ‘noose’ finds a place outside work   Tie anxiety. It’s a symbolic noose to some men, the perfect final touch to an outfit for other guys. As a gift, it can strike fear into wives and mothers (and other women shoppers) who worry that the tie they carefully picked out will never be seen

‘Spotlight’ on investigative journalism at its best

“Spotlight” is a sad movie on more than one level. Tom McCarthy’s critically acclaimed drama follows an investigative reporting team at the Boston Globe in 2001 as it exposed the cover-up of pedophile priests by the Catholic Church. The added layer of melancholy in “Spotlight” comes from its showcasing of newspaper journalism at that moment

Holiday classics not to miss

Picking my favorite Christmas movie is tough because there are just so many good holiday films. It’s hard to beat the 1951 “A Christmas Carol” with the best-ever Ebenezer Scrooge, Alistair Sim. When I was digging around for Christmas movie suggestions, it was fun to be reminded that two of the most popular action films

Everyday art – Global designs find a home in historic quarters

A Mickey Mouse poster banned in Japan. The chess set created by the artist Man Ray almost 100 years ago. A collection of the most elegantly crafted reading glasses you’ve ever seen. Everywhere you look on the two floors of the Ameico gallery and store in New Milford, there is something to delight the eye,

Spinning out spindles

Beauty and whimsy.

(And spindles.)

That’s the combination that has fueled the success of the Danbury home decor duo Michael Partenio and Stacy Kunstel, whose company Dunes and Duchess has become a favorite source for interior designers all over the country since they launched their business just over five years ago.

What took me so long? The Brooklyn Flea

Think of it as a really funky mall with the best food court on Earth. The Brooklyn Flea has been called “one of the great urban experiences in New York,” by none other than the city’s paper of record, and Time Out New York has cited it as one of the best reasons for Manhattanites

Turmeric: Tangy and good for you

Good for what ails you, and a jolt to the taste buds in everything from morning juices to Brussels sprouts, turmeric isn’t just for Indian cuisine these days.