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The Winds of Mount Tabor

It was one year ago. I pulled my motorcycle off the main road, to the left, over train tracks, then a river, and into a small village — the village of Mount Tabor, Vermont. As soon as I had passed

Indiana Dunes Lakeshore — Cycling Adventure

When the sun came out, I was riding through a most-lush area of Indiana, which was completely blowing my mind because I never could have guessed that Indiana was so sweet-smelling and green and

All Night Long

I was ready to make progress. Nothing could hold me back. It was getting dark, I was still wearing sunglasses and there was one hundred miles to Chicago. I had decided not to muck around anymore. Life

The Sun The Heat & The Wind — Indiana

I took off from Liberty Center, Ohio at 6am. My big goal was to make it to the Pacific Coast. The next smaller goal was to hang out at a national park like Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, or Glacier

Cannonball Run to Liberty Ohio

Bellevue, Ohio provided me with that slice of America that my soul needed to recuperate. My body was in pain. I woke up in the first motel room of the adventure. The next leg of the trip appeared to

Oberlin of Dreams

In my mind, Oberlin was a music school that I had thought about, over the years. My first career was that of a musician. There were a small few music schools under my radar. My radar included Oberlin

Cleveland & the Rock Hall

Arriving in Cleveland, on my bicycle from Connecticut was an eye-opener. It was another brilliant day out there, alongside the lake with not much wind to speak of.   In the countryside, everybody

Ashtabula County Hospitality — adventure continues

It was dark but the cars were beginning to be more sparse. One will remember that peddling along the road in America at night is very dangerous because drivers will hit you and kill you without even

Orange in the Dark — Odyssey X

I was at the campground on the lake. It was my second night there. John, the host, had warned me about the wind coming off the lake possibly arriving during the night. Boom — around midnight, I felt

Lakeside Campground — Ripley New York

I left the Barcelona Light House in Westfield at about 5 pm. I had made the executive decision to drop off some of my equipment at the Westfield post office. Having decided to lighten up the load, I