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The Shaman & The General of Herkimer Co.

In the morning I awoke. It was raining heavily upon the tent. I was dry. I had pains related to every part of my body. I held off from taking Advil. I decided to rest into the morning, as progress in

Albany to Amsterdam and Beyond

I walked my Cannondale cyclocross bicycle across the bridge over the Hudson River into downtown Albany, the capital of New York. It was the morning of my third day out on my transcontinental trip, May

Towns Along The Hudson

Towns along the east side of the Hudson River were percolating inside of my imagination. The world faded into late afternoon without my realizing it. I came upon a town called Hudson. I remember

Hudson Valley Bicycle Route 9

I had made it through the first night and I was cruising along a beautiful bike trail, a converted railway from Hopewell Junction to Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie is the spot where I was to meet up with

Bicycle Transcon: Morning of Day Two

So there I was, exhausted, in my new tent on the first night. With the last of my phone’s battery power escaping into the aether, I observed the incoming storm. It looked like rain was going to hit at

Reclaiming Positive Energy

Okay, so, where did I leave off? Somewhere during the first day of my bicycle adventure I believe. I was walking my bicycle up Weston Road. Already, I was in pain and feeling out of shape. In some

Getting Back To Westport

I was dreading it. Coming home, to Westport Connecticut, my hometown for more than fifty years. But the act was inevitable, like a  pigeon or having return instructions implanted on a chip inside my