About BlogJam

Wishing you had a better way to navigate Fairfield County traffic? Want to know whether an accident has been cleared or where congestion on I-95 is worst?

Well, this blog is for you.

Traffic is one of our top priorities. It deserves its own home on our websites, so we’ve created this blog to serve that purpose.

You’ll find the following here:

* Updates on congestion, roadwork and accidents on area highways.

* Staff and Department of Transportation photos from the roadways.

* Twitter updates from staff reporters and editors and readers.

See an accident or an area of heavy congestion on your way to or from work? Let us know about it and we’ll give you credit and put it on the blog.

You can post comments here or send us a tweet at @ConnPost, @StamAdvocate, @NewsTimes or @GreenwichTime.

And if you have any suggestions that will help us give you better traffic coverage, let us know!