Source: Boatright Back, No Suspension

Ryan Boatright’s second NCAA review won’t result in a suspension.

A source told Hearst Connecticut Saturday afternoon that the freshman guard had been reinstated with no penalty and will be eligible to play Sunday against Notre Dame.

The UConn athletic department later confirmed the report.

Boatright was under joint review by the NCAA and UConn for the second time this season. The first investigation, which was announced Nov. 2 and concluded on Nov. 18, resulted in a six-game penalty for accepting a plane ticket from AAU coach Reggie Rose.

That information was provided by an ex-boyfriend of Boatright’s mother. The same man contacted the NCAA and sparked the second investigation, a source said.

UConn announced the second review on Jan. 13, the night before the Huskies took on Notre Dame about 120 miles outside Boatright’s hometown of Aurora, Ill.

Fifteen days and two UConn losses later, a resolution was finally reached. This time, the NCAA concluded Boatright did nothing wrong.

“He’s been frustrated, understandably,” one source told Hearst Connecticut Saturday morning. “He’s just waiting for them to realize these are false accusations.”

Boatright is averaging 10.2 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game. With him, UConn is 8-2. In the nine games he missed, the Huskies went 6-3.