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Volunteer Square 7th Annual High School Essay Contest – Submissions Accepted November 1st

Volunteer Square, in partnership with Hearst CT Media, is thrilled to begin accepting essays for the 7th Annual High School Essay Contest on Friday, November 1st. The essay contest

Balancing School with Community Service

School is back in session and it’s a busy time of year for young people. Students are busy with homework, projects, and preparing to complete the service hours required by their school. Volunteer

Volunteer Square Launches 7th Annual High School Essay Contest

Volunteer Square is thrilled to announce the 7th Annual High School Essay Contest. The essay contest invites high school students in Connecticut to share “Why volunteering and making an impact on

Gault Cares Brings Smiles to ElderHouse

The Gault Cares Team was at it again last week, hosting their second community service project this year. Back in April, they held a two-day event at Earthplace in Westport to fix several of the

Senior Intern Interviews

Every spring Volunteer Square is honored to host high school seniors as part of the Senior Internship Program in the local schools. This year we have the pleasure of hosting Teddy Manges and Josie

Financial Accounting Foundation Helps to Stamp Out Hunger

In this week’s blog, we are thrilled to be spotlighting the Financial Accounting Foundation and the incredible work they did to help prepare 8,000 bags for the National Postal Food Drive to benefit

Gault Cares Volunteers at Earthplace

Spring is here, just in time for the employees from Gault Family Companies to complete their first Gault Cares volunteer event at Earthplace in Westport, CT. Volunteer Square was thrilled to help

Volunteer Spotlight on Jean Kaiser

“Every act of kindness you do pays off and you should always pay it forward. That’s what we are here for, to take care of each other.” This is how Jean Kaiser describes why she’s been a dedicated