Malloy: Stay home if you can

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has ordered non-essential state employees to stay home on Wednesday in response to winter storm conditions across the state.

Early Wednesday, Malloy said the stay-at-home order only applied to first-shift employees.

Then, shortly after 12:30 PM, it also applied to second-shift “non-essential” state workers.

“After consulting with my emergency management team, I’ve decided to order all second-shift non-essential state employees to not report to work today,” said Malloy. “Considering the precarious driving conditions across the state, I want to urge all residents to be safe, avoid travel and stay home until the roads have been cleared.”

“The bottom line is if you can stay home or work from home, please do.”

Other highlights from Malloy’s update at state emergency center Wednesday morning.

There is a ban on tandem trailers on state highways.

DOT is clearing primary roads; there are 632 state trucks and 205 contracted vehicles.

“Roads are very slick, terrible shape.”

National Guard on duty.

300 calls from state police; no fatalities.

Power outages at minimum, less than 200 across the state.


Jim Shay