Hospital Association wants patients to know about fees

On Jan. 27, the Board of Trustees of the Connecticut Hospital Association unanimously adopted a recommendation that all Connecticut hospitals provide patients with information about facility fees in advance of their treatment.

“Connecticut hospitals support efforts to make pricing more transparent and meaningful for consumers, and when it comes to informing patients about facility fees, hospitals agreed they can and will do better,” said Jennifer Jackson, President and CEO, CHA in a statement issued Tuesday.  “It is important for patients to understand their care and the cost of that care prior to receiving it.”

Last fall, Attorney General George Jepsen brought to light a concern that patients seeking care at physician offices that are part of a hospital might not know they are being treated at a hospital, that they would receive two bills for that care, and that the cost for the care would be higher because the hospital facility fee now covers a portion of the hospital’s ongoing operating expenses.  The Attorney General solicited feedback directly from patients as he crafted legislation to provide meaningful notice and pricing transparency for consumers.

CHA has recommended that, by March 1,  all Connecticut hospitals adopt changes to improve pricing transparency.  At every off-campus hospital-based provider location, CHA has recommended that Connecticut hospitals provide written notice informing patients that they are receiving care at an outpatient department of the hospital, how many bills they are likely to receive, and an estimate of the typical charges.

Read the Policy on Facility Fees and Physician Services by clicking here.

Amanda Cuda