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Darien Shops Can Stay Open!

There were many upset merchants when the Post Road shops from Fredric’s & Company down to Green & Tonic found out they would be without power from 9am to 3pm next Tuesday.  Everyone has high rent/utilities costs/inventories that must be covered even if there is one less day of income during the month.

The Chamber was in talks with CL & P a number of times over the past few weeks, and was able to secure a solution that was of great help to the businesses.  CL & P will do preliminary work on Friday April 13th, and cover that work area with a metal plate over the weekend.  The electricity will be turned off and the real work will begin on Monday April 16th at 6am.  Because of the preliminary “set up” work done on Friday, CL & P estimates that the businesses with have their power back on by 9 or 10am on Monday.  This solution will provide them with power for most of the workday .

Bill Jensen at Darien Toy Box was very pleased to receive the updated “Good News” from the Darien Chamber.  He said, “….One more reason why it is important to belong to the Chamber of Commerce, without their involvement we would not have had a change in work dates & times, customers like to shop local and do so knowing that retailers and the Chamber are here for them”

Susan Cator