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Green Ribbon Business Award for DCA

The Business Green Ribbon Award for 2012 was presented at Hotel Zero Degrees last night as part of the Darien Chamber “Darien Going for Green” activities to

The Darien Community Association for their many “green” endeavors.  Their highlights include:

  1. 100% organic DCA Greenhouse practices (sprays, fertilizers, etc.)
  2. Recycling in the main house
  3. Landscape managed organically
  4. Indoor houseplants (help clean the air)
  5. Leaves and wood chip in several areas are used as mulch
  6. Lighting fixtures and bulbs are nearly all updated in Meadowlands buildings and the DCA Thrift Shop, after an energy audit.
  7. The production of printed marketing material has been decreased significantly.
  8. All thermostats within Meadowlands and the DCA Thrift Shop are turned down each nigh to 60 degrees.
  9. Printed documents are reused for incoming faxes, scrap paper, etc.

10. Plastic pots used in the Greenhouse are reused again and again; should they break they are recycled.

11. We run a ‘cold’ greenhouse rather than a ‘hot’ one, so the heat is activated only at 58 degrees or below.

12. Greenhouse plant material and used soil is all composted.

13. The Greenhouse has donated hundreds of plants to schools and non-profits in our community, to foster a “greener” Darien.

Photo Courtesy of Casey Donahue

Left to right:  Carol Wilder-Tamme~ DCC, Heather Pommernelle~ DCA, Al Tibbetts of Tibbetts, Keating & Butler, LLC

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Susan Cator