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Darien Farmer’s Market Opens

Wednesday May 9th the Darien Farmer’s Market will open on Mechanic Street

(behind the Darien Fire Dept.)

The Market is open from 11am until 4pm (or until they run out?)


(Bring Your Own Bag)

How do we benefit from shopping at the Farmer’s Market?

1.  Farm to table freshness… fresh is that?

2.  Locally grown food has smaller carbon footprint  (as opposed to flying in produce from Central America)

3.  It looks Beautiful

4.  It’s Fun

5.  Flavor is excellent

6.  We can talk to the farmers (maybe pet some goats—-have you tried the goat soap???? I hope they are there this year!)

7.  We are supporting the local Connecticut economy

So always support our local grocery markets (who also bring in locally grown food), and make some Wednesday trips to the Darien Farmer’s Market also!  And of course please  BYOB.

Susan Cator