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Surfer Inspired LAX Gear

I saw this news piece on Hamlet Hub Darien.  Since there is such a strong popularity of LAX here—I thought people would be interested.
“LaxNuttz Unveils New Surf Inspired Lacrosse Apparel Line; Announces the Launch of the Website
With over 400 miles of beaches and even more youth and high school lacrosse teams, Long Island, NY has given rise to LaxNuttz, the premier surf inspired lacrosse apparel company. LaxNuttz co-owners and founders Dan Purcell and Adam Kohart are proud to announce the official launch of the company website at

LaxNuttz is a surf influenced concept in lacrosse apparel – where the ocean meets the field. LaxNuttz’s focus is on the casual side of lacrosse – lounge wear, practice wear, tournament wear, and beach wear. The product line includes men’s and women’s t-shirts, tank tops, hats, visors, socks, shorts, shooting shirts, and much, much more.

LaxNuttz President and CEO, Dan Purcell, has this to say, “LaxNuttz was created with the idea of taking the style and attitude of the surfing industry and bringing it to the world of lacrosse. Our apparel is designed to be comfortable and functional on the field and just as comfortable having a catch on the beach. Our partners were carefully selected specifically for their love of the game, their devotion to teaching the game, and last but certainly not least, their ability to have fun and enjoy life off the field. I am very excited about our team and the brand we have created.”

Arrangements can be made to outfit youth, high school, and college teams. LaxNuttz specializes in custom orders for any team and any garment. Accommodations can also be made for LaxNuttz to set up a LaxNuttz sales tent at any camp or tournament upon request. Contact for more information or to have LaxNuttz attend your tournament or camp.
For the latest LaxNuttz designs, styles, and apparel visit
LaxNuttz – where the ocean meets the field –”

Susan Cator