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What are You Taking For Granted?

How many times have you heard or even thought, “that is just the way it is done?” In business, we tend to replicate what we have seen or been taught as “the right way” to accomplish a task. Rarely do
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What’s News?

Many businesses have incorporated sending out newsletters as part of their marketing efforts. Unfortunately, many of them do it poorly and may be doing more harm than good. While it has become an

Exactly How Do I Network?

You know you should. Whether business is good, business is bad, you are just starting your business, or are just looking to stay current in the trends, gossip, and insights of your industry; when the
Failing to learn from Covid-19 is a mistake.

The Marketing Pandemic

As this article is being written, many of us are working from home rather than in our offices, watching the news to learn the latest updates on the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and struggling to

Becoming a Business Hero

It can be said at just about any time in our history, and at any point in each of our business career’s arc; “we live in interesting times.” At various points, economies have been impacted by wars
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Avoiding ‘Shiny Object’ Trap in Generating Leads

Opening up your email box on any given day is likely to mean having to wade through numerous inducements to follow the path suggested by one self-proclaimed marketing expert or another. Each email
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Rappin’ About Rapport

The confluence of technology, world events, corporate budgets, and convenience-seeking behaviors have brought an evolving set of challenges to the traditional ways of prospecting, selling, and

It Wasn’t My Fault

Many small business owners are feeling the walls closing in around them due to the Covid-19 pandemic and are dealing with issues that are out of their immediate control. Among those needs are