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Monthly Archive for December, 2009

: December, 2009

To Friend, Link, or Ignore

Being a business person in contemporary society often means blurring the distinction between being at work versus away from work. For many entrepreneurs that work out of their home, the challenge to

Contract Conundrum

Recently, two colleagues of mine called me to discuss their independent business opportunities that had stalled and wanted advice on what steps to take to get things back on track. After talking to

Deceiving Appearances

We have all heard about the perils of and been cautioned against judging a “Book by its Cover.” And yet, we all do it continuously. Research shows that tall people are viewed as being more authorative

Say What?

As a veteran of business meetings, conference calls, emails, and telephone conversations it is always amazing to me how often the words we use to express ourselves serve to confuse and not clarify the